Regarding the driver

Q: What are the general requirements to rent a car? A: All drivers must hold a driving license at least one (1) year. For groups A, B, C, drivers must be over 23 years of age. For any other vehicle group, min age of the driver must be 25.

Q: Can someone else drive the car rental?

A: Only those listed in the contract as drivers are allowed to drive the car. (See also “allows SIMPLY RENT A CAR extra drivers?)

Q: Does SIMPLY RENT A CAR  allows extra drivers?

A: Yes, you can add one extra drivers to your contract. This should be done during the process of completion of your contract. The extra driver should have valid driving license with him. Additional driver may be added during the lease. To do this you need to visit any branch of As SIMPLY RENT A CAR. The additional driver must show your driver’s license and must meet the conditions of hire.

Q: How much does it cost to add an extra driver;

A: It depends on the rental pick up location, Varies from 4€ to 6€ per day

Q: What deposit will have to leave?

A: At the time of hire we get a charge approval from your credit on the cost of your rent plus a security deposit. This deposit varies according to the rental station, the brand and model of car. There must be sufficient margin on your credit card to cover all charges. When payment is made in cash, then you should give us a guarantee of the total rental cost, including any extra charges (insurance, special equipment, etc.), plus the amount of the exemption of the car.

For car use

Q: Can I tow a car SIMPLY RENT A CAR;

A: NO. Towing is a violation of the terms of the lease and it is not allowd under any circumstances.

Q: Can I return the car to another service point of SIMPLY RENT A CAR than originally agreed?

A: Changing the return point of the car may mean higher costs. Please contact any branch or booking department for information.

Q: What is the policy on off-road driving?

A: The cars SIMPLY RENT A CAR, including four-wheel drive, it should be driven only on paved roads.

Q: Can I remove the seats from the car?

A: No, this is prohibited.

Q: What if I return the car later?

A: At the end of the agreed rental period, Simply rent a car allows a grace period of 2  hours free of charge after which, the renter will be charged hourly

Q: What should I do if there is a technical problem with the car?

A: In the unfortunate event of mechanical failure, you should contact SIMPLY RENT A CAR .

Q: What should I do if I have an accident?

A: You should immediately call the police and then contact the branch SIMPLY RENT A CAR.

Q: Can I travel abroad with the rental car and which is the procedure to follow?

A: No you are not allowed to cross the Greek borders

Q: If I accept the CDW Security or FCDW, covered for any damage that may arise?

A: No, there are exceptions for losses not covered by any insurance. Such is the damage:

For anything that happens in the car during transport by ship.

For anything that happened and found that the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

For damage caused by driving on unpaved roads, towing another vehicle, transportation of explosives, driving games etc..

For damages caused to the underside of the car, the roof, tires, mirrors and antenna.

For your personal belongings inside the car.

For accidents caused by drivers not stated in the lease contract.